Client Testimonials

We have truly benefited from our business relationship with Shaw Technology. The staff has been consistently responsive to the needs of our company. I’d highly recommend Shaw Technology to any company that’s interested in competing in the 21st Century!
Abdul Seraaj


Brad and his people at Shaw Technology are clearly very knowledgeable about what they do. You will have complete confidence that whatever issues you are experiencing, they have dealt with before and know how to find a solution for you. We have utilized other IT companies previously, both large and small, and the confidence just wasn’t there. Some of the guys knew what they were doing, some didn’t. Depending on who showed up, you may get lucky, you might not. Obviously, a company’s information is sensitive. With Shaw Technology we don’t have to worry because their folks are very trustworthy. Knowing that Shaw Technology has government clearances and also work for large companies, gives assurance to the rest of us that our materials and information is being protected.Shaw Technology also has a very professional approach to how they handle job requests that don’t leave the customer wondering as to the status of their situation. We receive notices of our job status, and updates throughout the process until the final notice closes out the job, indicating our issue is resolved. We are very pleased with the services provided by Shaw Technology. If anyone has further questions feel free to contact us, we are happy to share regarding our experiences with them. They are a great group of folks dedicated to helping your business perform better.
David Chancellor


Just a few words to say about Brad Shaw and his band of computer wiz kids. My office is loaded with all kinds of different computer driven equipment that is all connected to our office software. When Shaw Technology was first enlisted to help with our computer troubles, Brad came in and gave us a very thorough examination of our situation and a detailed walk through of solutions.  As we still have computers, we still have computer issues from time to time. However, the computers are doing what they are suppose to do now and little issues get handled very quickly. Our computer system has really grown over the last few years, but our IT service has kept right up with it. Thanks for always being just a phone call away!
Killian J. Horner, DDS

I highly recommend Shaw Technology. In the 9 years we have used Brad and his team, our needs have really changed. We started with a few computers and have grown to a several dozen with Shaw Technology handling everything efficiently. It is nice to have such a dependable service provider that we can always can count on. Thank you Shaw Technology.
Steve Silver


I have been associated with the management and ownership of Shaw Technology for the past eight years in some type of hardware/software capacity. Their hard work and dedication to providing customer satisfaction is the best in the industry. Because of their expertise, we are able to provide insurance solutions to employers of all sizes. Their staff is always flexible in meeting our demands in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend their services.
Jackie Hewitt


We have been working with Shaw Technology since July 2012. Over the past two years we have made several technological advances and developed a great relationship with the friendly, hard-working staff. They are always looking out for what is best for their customers. We highly recommend Brad and the Shaw Technology family.
Michael Traff


The Shaw Technology team and my company have been partners for more than 6 years. As a community base non-profit organization we first needed Shaw Technology to analyze our existing technology and develop a plan for upgrades to meet current and future needs of our clients, parents and funding sources. Our IT budget at the time was small, however Shaw Technology provided quality service during the initial assessments and installation of our needs. Customer service gets 100 for QUALITY SERVICE.
Sylvia N. Harper

Vice President

Shaw Technology has proven to be one of the best contractor choices our company has made when we needed a full service provider. They have exceeded our expectations on their capabilities and urgent support on a 24/7 basis. I look forward to continuing our valuable relationship!!
Glyn Davis

Corporate Purchasing Manager

Shaw Technology  has been instrumental to our business since we’ve opened our doors. We’ve had a working relationship with them for 6-7 years and have come to rely on their experience on a daily basis. I have found them to be knowledgeable with all IT issues we may come across. They are courteous and professional with our staff and most importantly, capable of correcting and/or preventing any IT problems that may arise. In all honesty, we have enjoyed them as business associates and as friends. I would highly recommend them to any of our partners with no reservations.
E. Wayne Huey

Vice President of Operations

In my 20+ years of practicing law in a multi-state plaintiffs firm, our firm has used many IT companies. We changed companies two years ago and began using Shaw Technology for all of our IT needs. I can honestly say that we have finally found a company that can handle all of our IT needs. Shaw Technology completely reworked our computer and phone system and brought us into the 21 Century. In today’s world you need to be able to access all files from anywhere in the world and Shaw Technology has done that for us. Our office is more efficient and profitable due to Shaw Technology.
Michael Strickland


Without question, IT is an essential and inextricable component of today’s business world, and my belief is it’s a component that can and should be leveraged for a competitive advantage. Since its inception, Shaw Technology has partnered with us, as a valued resource, to maximize our functionality and effect and to give us such advantage, and I’ve found their professionalism, competency, commitment and concern for our business to be second to none. Being so, I am immensely appreciative for the relationship we have with them and for their contribution to our success.
Robert L. Price

President and CEO

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